Altos: Critics Are Wrong About Where Housing Is Headed

In Pinellas County, specifically the beaches along the barrier islands from Clearwater Beach, St Pete Beach, the housing market is strong and prices continue to rise.

Altos: Critics Are Wrong About Where Housing Is Headed.


FHA Program Puts Ex-Home Owners on Track to Buy Again Sooner

Start searching for your next home, you may be able to buy now, before prices and/or interest rates go up.

FHA Program Puts Ex-Home Owners on Track to Buy Again Sooner.

Home Buyers May Face Sticker Shock This Spring

We have probably all heard that home prices are going up, but how much is the real question.¬† Read more……

Home Buyers May Face Sticker Shock This Spring.

Tax Reform Proposal Would Impact Every Single American

Tax Reform Proposal Would Dramatically Alter Housing Landscape.

The Hottest Home Design Trends for Spring 2014

Love these colors and the coastal inspired ideas. Read more….


I wish every mother in the world a happy day. Celebrate and enjoy the immense joy of being a mother. Celebrate!  Giving and receiving the unconditional love and bond that is unique between a mother and her son or daughter is a very special privilege.

My heart goes out to those Mothers that have lost a child, and a special prayer is dedicated to all of you. At any age, under any circumstance, this has to be the greatest pain experienced by a human being. But somehow you find the strength to go on remembering and honoring your child, and that is admirable.

All of us Mothers make lots of sacrifices on a daily basis for our children and dedicate our lives to them. We do it gladly.

Mothers, Grandmothers, Great-grandmothers………….Thank you!!

St Pete Annual Shell Show

If you missed it yesterday be sure to stop by today at The Seminole Recreation Center for the 66th annual Shell show. Exibits and expert information. Amazing is the beauty that lives under the sea.