Tax Reform Proposal Would Impact Every Single American

Tax Reform Proposal Would Dramatically Alter Housing Landscape.


Buyers of Foreclosures Need to Act Fast

Some Buyers of Real Estate feel that if there is a lot of interest on the house they rather pass on it because they “don’t to get in a bidding war”.  That might be a mistake. The best properties, listed at competitive prices generate a lot of interest, and you might be passing out on a home that you like, that you could possibly get at a bargain price.

I don’t know what your experience is, but I have to strongly and passionately pursue  everything I really want out of life.  The attitude of “it will be if it’s meant to be” has never worked for me. Sure I have faith, and I pray, but I also go for it. It is fine if something does not work out as I planned, but at least I know I gave it my best shot.

Now that the market is changing, it is very important to go after the good deals, act fast, and yes, get into the bidding wars. I’ll help you “fight for it”.

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Buyers of Foreclosures Need to Act Fast.

I love what I do. You’ll love the results.

Home Prices Perk Up

It’s what all home owners have been waiting for. For the last 12 months ending in May, U.S. home prices have increased 3.7 percent, according to the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s latest House Price Index. Read more….

Home Prices Perk Up.

In Nearly Every Major City, Buying Trumps Renting

New study shows that buying is more beneficial than renting. Allow me to assist you with your home search. Not enough downpayment? No problem. There are 100% financing options available. Contact me today.
Nina higdon
Charles Rutenberg Realty, Inc.


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In Nearly Every Major City, Buying Trumps Renting.

Glad to see interest rates will remain low

This past Tuesday at its meeting, the Federal Reserve reaffirmed its pledge to keep interest rates low. The housing sector remains depressed, affordable prices and attractively low interest rates will continue to help buyers and sellers of real estate.

The other thing we desperately need is for the banks to move faster on short sales and foreclosures that continue to hurt families, communities and markets.

Occupy Clearwater Beach

I’m thinking that I’m going to “occupy” Clearwater Beach. Set up a tent right on the sand with a protest sign of some kind and enjoy ‘beach front living” for free. Care to join me? If we are peaceful and keep the site clean we might be able to stay for several months! We might even get free food from the local restaurants. I’m not mocking that movement in any way. One of my great passions is the sea, and if I’m going to stay anywhere for a while, it’s going to be at the beach, beautiful Clearwater Beach.

Great by Choice

Excellent book by Jim Collins. What makes some businesses thrive, while others fail under the same circumstaces?

The new “normal” is uncertainty. Globalization, technological change among other factors make consumers scared, investors skittish, and companies have less room for errors.

Collins says that today’s lack of stability isn’t necessarily bad news.

We’ve seen this particularly in the Real Estate Industry. While many Realtors have left the profession after the economic meltdown, others have stayed and continue to help Buyers and Sellers through a difficult market. My best year in sales was 2007, when hundreds of Realtors quit claiming that the market “had died”

Nina Higdon
Real Estate Consultant